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BrandHeights  will take the following measures (and more) to give a better exposure to your website on the search engine

  1. Canonicalization: Canonicalization refers to individual web pages that can be loaded from multiple  URLs. When multiple pages have the same content but different URLs , the links split up hence affecting your search ranking. It is important to redefine the links and have only one source for the content.
  2. Page Titles / Title Tags : Titles are the first thing which is shown and indexed by the search engine. Select unique titles for each page of your website which will include the main keyword for that page. This way, whenever someone searches for a specific keyword, your page has better chances of showing up because of the keyword.
  3. Meta Tags and Descriptions: For each of your page, we will include a set of keywords in the form of meta tags.  They will be relevant keywords keeping in mind your content which has been researched previously. People usually forget to include meta descriptions for their pages. These descriptions are important to include relevant keywords in your content. We will include the relevant meta descriptions for that page by including the related keywords.
  4. URL Structure: Identifying the right URL for your website which are search engine friendly, while using the right keyword.
  5. Image Optimization: Using images with your content make the site more appealing. These images can also be optimized. Giving the right tile to the images with the relevant keyword helps your site being searched better
  6. Internal Linking: Placing links to your other website pages is a great way to improve the search-ability. Not only  is it helpful for the visitor to navigate  through the website and  locate the relevant content, it also ensures that the site is properly crawled.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Why is ONPage SEO important for your website?

Would you just like to make a killer website and sit with it? Or more interestingly,optimize your website well so that it ranks high when searched on a specific key word. SEO is no more a choice for businesses that are looking for extensive growth.With search engines getting smarter each day, just good content alone does not guarantee a higher rank. ONPage SEO is the very first step you should take after creating your website. In today’s competitive world its not just a good website with good content which is enough, it is Optimizing your site well which will put your website and  business ahead of the competition.

How would you work on my website? 

We use a very scientific approach to every project. Using only white hat, organic SEO techniques. Once you buy the service, you will be receiving an email from us with a detailed analysis of your website , our strategy and clearly defined deliverable  and timelines. We like to work in partnership with our client and all suggestions are welcome.

How will I know which stage my website is in ? 

Once we together freeze on the deliverable and timelines, you will be receiving a fortnightly report from us stating the progress. Any suggestions post which are always welcome.

How long does it take to see the first results ? 

It depends on the current ranking of your website and the SEO plan you choose. Once you buy the product you will be receiving and email from us after a detailed analysis.

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