When the spotlight is on you, put your best foot forward

Dazzle the world of professionals with unique style

Prepare your brand to compete online with a perfect styling package. Carve your niche on the web with the huge variety of template designs perfect for a professional website, an online store or a portfolio and exude professionalism with the very first step of venturing in the virtual domain.

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Pump up the style quotient:

Our responsive and creatively charged templates help you to stand out from the crowd. We employ the best and the latest designing techniques to set up for you a uniquely styled website that can match up to your sense of style.

Personalize the web space:

With highly customizable versatile templates, you can edit the content of your website yourself and feel connected to your space on the web. Dab your website with colors from your own palette and let it outshine the rest.

Unique domain names:

Choose domain name to best represent your brand so the prospective visitors of your website are never off the track. Not only can you opt for a domain name with us but can also link websites made here to any domain name that you already own.


Utility Integrations:

Working towards building dynamic environments for you to work in, we integrate your website with fully-functional plugins to support varying requirements.

Professional emails:

Elevate the credibility of your brand and the products it represents by opting for professional emails with your domain.

All-screen compatible designs:

Why constrict to the mega screens when the world is preparing to fit into a fist! Our professionally designed templates are optimized to look their best on all screen sizes. Style your website once and we have the groundwork ready for you.

Integrations for fueling stores running online

Running your business requires expanding avenues and what better platform than the internet? The workforce at BrandHeights acknowledges the blood and sweat that goes in building your business brick by brick and has thus laid out the game plan apt to ensure your business’ success online.

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Woo your clients:

Specifically designed for smoothly integrating an online store for you, our e-commerce capabilities ensure scalable, all-platforms friendly services for your products. The possibilities with us are limitless as we ensure a place with ever-increasing shelves to house your never-ceasing chain of ideas.

Assess where you stand:

Commerce analytics tools are provided for you to quantify your performance in terms of sales, revenues, orders coming in and much more! Avenues for optimizations are unearthed with data on the products that brought home maximum sales and analyzing the traffic over the website.

Secure Payment gateways:

Geared up for the challenges and opting for only the best, we provide your website with the most secure payment gateways. While we are capable of setting up any of the available payment options for you, we always keep our resources updated to ensure best solutions to you.

Powerful plugins:

We believe at providing simple solutions to complex problems. As your business expands and so do your utilities, you can evolve your website with our fully-functional range of plugins to suffice to your need.

Safe-keeping your data:

Our technology ensures that you and your customers exercise complete control of their data safeguarding it from any third party software platform. This not only gives the customer a safer experience but allow you to independently pursue your business online.

Re-inventing inventory management:

Our innovative solutions provide easy to use shipping and order integrations for your website. Provision of invoicing, on-the-go orders fulfillment, handling refunds and shipping notifications for your online store.

You can always fall back on us to do the work for you!

At BrandHeights we are open to innovations and improvisations, therefore we do not bind our valued customers to a ‘Do It Yourself’ environment. For our premium subscribers, we provide websites fully integrated with e-commerce facilities.

Spread the word and let the world know

From ensuring that you dominate from the minute you step into the branding domain to making your presence felt to prospective consumers, we are there for you. BrandHeights takes your brand to elevated heights with its marketing tools designed especially for the professionals.

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Rank higher on Search Engine results:

What is the point of owing a dashing website if the world cannot locate you on the map? With our expert solutions in SEO, we help your website reach out to more people to land on your web space.

Buzzing all the way:

Anything that creates a buzz on the social media is sure to get attention of the people interacting over the social network. Propose and promote your brand and products to the masses with our social media marketing solutions. With Insta(ant) sharing, building up the Face(book) value and Twitter(ating) connect and interact to create for yourself the buzz ripples.

Expand customer base:

Our Social Media Services are not just focused on bulk campaigns. The aim here is to help you listen what people talk about you and in turn manage your brand or business. We help you create the energy and excitement around your product and exchange fruitful and meaningful discussions with your customer across social media channels.

Share the success stories:

To exemplify the impact of your products blog the stories of success with our built-in blogging functionalities fulfilled by WordPress. You can create interesting blog posts with added media to make your visitors relive your moments of heroism.

Grow your customer base:

Get customer insights, such as average order value, order history, high selling product and more.

Turn Insights to sales:

Analyze your sales revenue verses costs incurred on various form of promotion. Learn which traffic sources are generating most sales.

Supporting you beyond the finishing line

We help you nurture your business and take it to greater heights. But we do not consider the work as done until you reach the ultimate benchmark of success. With our content management products and a dedicated support team, we assure you of our support through the entire journey of you realizing your dream.

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Tailor-made website:

At BrandHeights we believe in endless possibilities and thus strive to excel. To help our customers obtain exactly what they need, we provide website customizations and make cosmetic changes to your website. Reach out to us and we will deliver what your brand truly deserves, only the best.

A-B-C of your website:

By laying out Articles and web content, Brand videos and logo designs and Content management for your website, we keep our foremost promise, elevating your brand. We work to cover everything there is and anything there possibly could be to propel you further up the ladder.

Security Is never the subject of comprise:

With a provision of SSL encryption, your clients are assured of secured connections with your website. Free SSL certificates are provided to all the websites supported by BrandHeights.

Professional Support Team:

Our technical support team is on its toes 24/7 to help you have a hassle-free experience with us. We are just an email away to help you figure out the best solutions to the issues you face.

Worth every dime:

We aren’t claiming uniqueness in all aspects, but we are sure of being one of a class when it comes to ensuring value for money. With our different subscription plans we provide different consumers with simple and affordable pricing schemes to best suit their set of requirements.